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PTP Import Administrator Full-time Job

2023-02-01 20:10   MAnagement   Addis Ababa   66 views
Job Details

Job Description

Purpose of the job
PtP Invoicing Administrator is critical to control & administer the full accounting for all actual invoices, prepayments Invoices and the booking and following up of all kind off possible accruals on time in full. Making sure that the invoicing process in HeiLite is run in a coherent, efficient and coordinated way. PtP Invoicing Administrator is to make sure that all invoices are based on appropriate approved Purchase Order (PO) and Warehouse Receipt Note (WRN)/Service Receipt Note (SRN) for all actual invoices and follow up of Warehouse Receipt Note (WRN)/Service Receipt Note (SRN) for all prepayment invoices. PtP Invoicing Administrator is integrating the basic of the invoice process in HeiLite
Accountable and responsible for verifying all invoices before booked in the system
Key Responsibilities
  • Responsible for three way match (PO, WRN/SRN and Invoice) for actual invoices and two way match (PO and Contract Agreement) for prepayment invoices and follow up of WRN/SRN for matching for the prepayment invoices from the PtP Payment Administrator, accounting for the P2P actual invoicing, prepayment invoicing, accruals and alignment of contract agreements, financial impacts of commitments or contracts & following up completion. Documentation of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, the contract process, invoice receipting, prepayment process & control, accrual control in accordance with Ethiopian statutory and tax guidelines, and Heineken policies and objectives. Responsible for overall invoice processing of direct & indirect expenses
  • Responsible for compilation and documentation of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, contract process, supplier process, goods/service receipting, invoicing  in line with the Ethiopian statutory and tax guidelines and the Heineken policies, procedures and objectives.
  • Making sure actual Invoices are matched with approved PO and WRN/SRN
  • Perform adequate follow up on goods in transit items and update the records accordingly 
  • Ensure all import purchases have adequate cost accumulation schedule, and follow up for timely treatment actual delivery of items
  • Ensure reasonable common cost allocation for imported/local items in line with the company policy and procedures
  • Report on outstanding GIT not cleared within 50 days on a monthly basis and ensure adequate action are made
  • Perform record verification for GIT record and ensure all GIT are transferred whenever items are actually received
  • Ensure overseas suppliers balances reconciled with the company payables account on a monthly basis
  • Follow up on outstanding overseas suppliers balances and ensure the respective record is up-to-date as to the payment and outstanding balances   
  • Making sure that Prepayment Invoices are matched with approved PO and contracts to its specific payment terms; and also responsible to follow up the WRN/SRN for Prepayment Invoices
  • Regular review of pending prepayments and follow up on completeness of all prepayments within the system timely.
  • Review and follow up on payments of open invoices, regularly. 
  • Responsible to follow up on regular basis on all outstanding balances and items of SCOA accounts 13307- Accounts/Notes Receivable - Advance Payments to Suppliers, 14222-Accounts Payable Trade - Goods and Services Received No Invoice.
  • Make sure proper and complete documentation is in place for any possible invoices received for payment outside of the normal process via HeiLite. 
  • Responsible for verifying, matching three (two ways for prepayments) ways, coding and posing of invoices in HeiLite remediation of coding errors and routing of approvals.
  • Responsible to check all invoices and purchase orders are in line with the delegation of authorities and policies.
  • Responsible for the month end timetable and Period End Closing Activities for all open unposted invoices, pending prepayments, WRN/SRN processes, in order to ensure proper period closing completeness of all invoicing process in line with the Heineken policies and procedures and according to IFRS. 
  • Make sure all Purchase Invoice and expenses are accounted into accounting system as quickly and accurately as possible to prevent possible incompleteness of the account at any point in time, and minimize timing surprises.
  • Facilitates the order and invoice approval processes and purchase order, vendor and item maintenance processes. 
  • Establishes and maintains constructive working relationships with internal stakeholders and suppliers & service providers. Collaborates with business management and support teams to ensure execution, delivery of supplier value and positive business results. 
  • Facilitates cross-functional teams to implement tools, process improvements, and policies & Procedures. 
  • Make sure the documentation of invoicing is in line with three way match procedure, and be responsible for archiving and documentation for both unposted & posted actual invoice and prepayment invoice.
  • Reinforce consistent performance of standard processes and identify and escalate any non-compliant processes within HeiLite
  • Receipt invoices to be processed and carry out correct validation checks in line with SCOA, CCCs, Delegation of authority, contracts, investigate and resolve invoice queries quickly and efficiently
  • Checking Invoices or Credit Notes, when received an invoice or credit note outside of the HeiLite system, it should be stamped it immediately the date of receipt and note received from and check the following details to ensure it is legally valid:
  • The invoice is correctly addressed to the appropriate entity and relates to the function/department (appropriate CCCs approved via PO)
  • The purchase order number should be written on the invoice when invoices are received outside of HeiLite system.
  • Active participation over record verification,
  • That the supplier's invoice is valid and acceptable from Ethiopian Tax Regulation perspective.
  • The invoice totals are correct and matches with PO and WRN/SRN.
  • Note: Invoices which relate to foreign services and purchases, contract agreement must be handled as these invoices will be processed outside of HeiLite process.
  • Ensure all invoices raised are the passed through to Accounts payable
  • If everything in checking the invoices are ok then should be processed in the system on time; if the invoice is not correct or invalid then immediately return to the one provide the invoice or supplier on the spot and should not be processed in the system
  • Provide cover for the Invoice Processing Administrator of the other entity during absences Transfers knowledge and collaborates across functional lines and or across departments
  •  Assist in the training and induction process for any new Invoice Processing Administrators
  • Update invoice tracking Share Point consistently and perform adequate follow up.  
  • Be responsible and accountable for complete archive all in all for Posted Invoice (PI), Posted Prepayment Invoices (PPI) and Credit Notes for HBSC, and Bank/Check Payment Voucher (B/CPV), Manual Journal Voucher (MJV).
  • Other responsibilities provided by immediate boss.
  • Perform complete PEC activities and update PEC Calendar.
  • Monthly statement reconciliations for designated vendors, must be kept up to date and complied by the 4th working day of each calendar month 
  • Ensure compliance with the Ethiopian regulatory and tax requirements for all invoicing process also by following the Heineken provided guidance and procedures
  • Support internal/external audits (Tax, Financial, Operations) and remediate any audit issue related to the process
  • Support a culture of standardization, continuous improvement and supplier/customer orientation
  • Being the first point of contact for any queries related to the invoicing of the entities specifically Harar Brewery share company

Department: Reporting and Accounting

Function: Finance

Reporting to: position PTP Team Leader  


Job Requirements

  • University degree, preferably in Finance, Accounting, Management or related subject
  • 2 - 4 years of experience in Finance (Accounting & Transactional Finance), preferably within a beverages company 
  • English and Amharic
Work contacts  (includes, but not limited to)
  • HBSC   
  • All departments
  • Suppliers

How to Apply

Interested and Qualified applicants can apply with email hk@ethiojobs.com.

Feb 11, 2023


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Heineken Breweries